The Cookswell catering department offers a wide range of services, from just renting a mini Jiko for the evening to a fully organised party for 200+ guests. Your wish is our command! We use as much ecological and homemade products as possible, so you can expect things like homemade Tomato ketchup, chili sauce and ecological meat and vegetables.

We also do catering on big events and markets where we sell wonderful honest products like stuffed pumpkin, home made vegie-burgers and hamburgers made from ecological water-buffalo meat

Contact us for more information on info@cookswell.eu


Rent a Jiko

Just want a jiko for the evening or for the trip? no problem! Rent a Jiko

The prices for renting a Jiko are:

  • Mini Jiko 15,- per day
  • Medium Jiko 25,- per day
  • Large Jiko 35,- per day


Prices are without delivery, contact us for delivery and pick up prices to your location.