Now available in our webshop: Bast Ecological Charcoal

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These high quality coconut charcoal is ideal for barbecuing! BAST bbq coconut charcoal burns longer and more consistently than regular charcoal. Moreover, it stays hot for a long time, less smoke and barly flames. Ideal for (in) directly, low and slow barbecue sessions.

For one kg of wood charcoal you need five kg of wood, for one kg of coconut charcoal you need only tree kg of coconutshells. Sulawesi in Indonesia produces 15 bil. Coconuts a year BAST bbq coconut charcoal is made from coconutshells, a waste product from the coconut industry. With BAST you can reduce the mountains of coconutshell waste in Indonesia. For this barbecue charcoal you don´t need any tree to be cut down!

The whole product is made in Indonesia and packed at a fair price. This will benefit local farmers and businesses. BAST also wants to work on better working conditions and production methods. Like mr. Ipri, he got a drivers certificate forklifting. Now he have more skill and the proces is going faster.DSC_0208