A Jiko in the hands of a Michelin star chef

A Jiko in the hands of a Michelin star chef

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This is something to be proud of! A michelin star chef bought one of our mini Jikos to play with.

Cookswell Jikos and Chef Joris Peters, Head chef and owner of “Restaurant aan de Zweth” came into contact on a facebook page for chef’s and cooks in the Netherlands and he liked the Jikos and their story very much. So we agreed to meet and try out the Jiko in his restaurant. During the visit we lit the Jiko in his ktchen and cooked one of his signature dishes in it, stuffed quail and it was delicious!


Now a Michelin star chef is the proud owner of a Kenyan handmade charcoal oven, I am sure he will create the most stunning and delicious dishes with it and inspire us all to make the best food with less charcoal!