Cookswell Jiko recipes

Cookswell Jiko recipes

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Cooking with Cookswell

Cookswell is hoping to print out a cookbook this year to showcase the wonderful recipes made using our jikos.  As a proud of owner of a Cookswell Jiko or Oven, we’d love to feature you in our cookbook, showcasing your most favorite recipe made using a Cookswell Jiko or Oven.


Entry Requirements & Recipe Format


Your Details:

Your Name

Your Email Address

Your Location

What Kind of Cookswell Jiko do you have?

How long have you had it?

How often do you use it?


The Recipe Format to Use:

My Favourite Recipe:




Mixing/Preparation Directions

Approximate Cooking time

Any Variations that you would suggest (Add other ingredients, e.t.c)


Please Include a Photograph of YOU cooking on your favorite Cookswell Oven or Jiko!

Send your Entry to :

Last Entry Received on : August 31, 2015


All Entries will be featured in the Cookswell Cookbook.


We’re looking forward to all the wonderful and creative Recipes!


On Behalf of the The Cookswell Jikos Team


Elly Kamari



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